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Send and receive payments securely

Jochebed is making the Internet a safer place for businesses of all sizes to innovate and expand.

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Small and large businesses use Jochebed’s platforms and APIs to handle their everyday payments, bills, and customer identity verification.

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Most sought-after services bundled in one place

We excite our merchants with the seamless experience of managing and scaling their business from one single platform.

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Bill payments
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Cardless withdrawal
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KYC tools
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Multiple ways to accept payments

Multiple payment methods increases your chances of making sales and scaling your business, most especially when the charges are hardly noticeable.

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Bank account
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Bank transfer
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FinTechs leverage on our payment infrastructure

Leverage on our payment infrastructure and serve the needs of thousands of businesses across Africa. You'll have access to our core infrastructure and enjoy a whole lot of whitelabel services.


Gaming companies make faster payouts with us

Make faster payouts to your customers, they love it! Our APIs are designed to prevent duplicate transactions, which prevents you from crediting the same customer twice within a specific time frame.


Money-lenders use our identity verification tools

Use our identity verification tools to know who your customers say they are before lending them money. Seamlessly disburse loans and receive repayments with Jochebed.


Protected by latest security technologies

Jochebed adheres strictly to industry standards and sometimes, go beyond those standards to improve your trust in us. And everyday, we look for ways to serve you better.

Backed by strong, consistent partners

Jochebed partners and directly integrate with some of the most innovative Nigerian banks, ensuring service reliability, delivery, and awesome rates.

Go live in 30 minutes or less!

Integrate seamlessly with our test environment. No real money required. Keep it for when it really matters.
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    Power your business from start to finish with our wide range of API resources.

    Contact [email protected] if you need help in integrating Jochebed into your web or mobile app.

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