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A Redbiller Success Story
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May 18th 2022

A Redbiller Success Story

Esther O.
Esther O.

‘Redbiller is amazing! I wish I had started with Redbiller earlier.’

While I am enjoying every bit of my time with Redbiller, I cannot claim these words for myself. They are the words of one of the customers our support team reached out to this week. 

As a service provider, we are constantly working to ensure our customers have all the payment tools they need to manage their time more effectively and put their business on autopilot, so it is indeed a delight to get this type of feedback. Let me share with you Mr Ola’s experience so far at Redbiller and how he arrived at that statement. 

The Problem

Mr Ola initially signed up on Redbiler out of curiosity. “What can they possibly have to offer that I don’t already get?” Our support team reached out to him to offer assistance in setting up and understanding his uniques business needs, but his account remained dormant for a while after that.

However, Mr Ola had the challenge of double payment to customers and was recording considerable losses periodically. Payout transactions would be reported as failed on the system, only for the customer to be credited after a new payout has been made to the same customer. This results in the customer receiving double payment. And we both know how frustrating it is to keep calling customers for a refund. With no solution in sight for the problem, Mr Ola decided to try another provider as a backup. 

Mr Ola started using Redbiller, and after only two weeks, he moved his entire business to Redbiller. We became his provider.  


Because his double payment challenge was completely solved, along with some other little challenges. Our ACLS (auto-confirmation logging system) retries all pending transactions and periodically reports back the status till they are completed and successful. Also, our support team is always readily available to handle any dispute and confirm the status of unresolved transactions. 

But the ACLS doesn’t just resolve pending transactions and prevents double payments, it also saves you the stress of reinitiating the transactions after they have failed. Likewise, our built-in analytics tool gives you hands-on information on all transactions on your account. You will be able to see the success rate of all your transactions within the time frame you desire. You can also filter the result by services, date and time. With this feature, you can conclude, with comprehensive data, how our services have improved your business operations.

What’s next for Mr Ola?

Following this experience, Mr Ola decided to move his other business to Redbiller. He also hopes to continue with Redbiller for a long time to come. 

This is just one of the many stories of commendations we have gotten from our customers, the thousands of businesses that trust Redbiller to handle their payments daily. And for us at Redbiller, our commitment has remained unchanged. It is making the internet a safer place for businesses of all sizes to innovate and expand. To achieve that, we are constantly improving our features and services to protect you from the threat of internal and external frauds, ensure seamless payments, minimize disputes, and put your business on the path of exponential growth.

What is your Redbiller story? And how can we help to take your business to the next level? Kindly reach out to our support team or send a mail to [email protected] 

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