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How to Close a Sale Faster
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Aug 1 2022

How to Close a Sale Faster

Esther O.
Esther O.

From the time of initial contact, which can be physical or online, everything else that happens determines if you close a sale or not. While you cannot control everything that happens, the good part is that you are in control of many of the things that can happen. And of all the things that can happen, here are five things that can help you close the sale faster.

Talk to the decision maker: this isn’t always possible, but it’s your best bet at closing the sale. If you cannot meet the decision-maker, be on the lookout for someone who can influence the decision-maker.

Do your research: you should approach a client with enough information not only to keep the conversation going but also to make your product the best option. Understand their unique needs and highlight even the problems they don't know they have.

Create a sense of urgency: the goal is not only to close the sale but to close it faster. Every client needs a healthy amount of pressure to make a decision, and this is important because the longer it takes, the more they are likely to consider other options.

Ask for a decision: don't just throw information at them and go back home to wait; ask right there and then for a decision. Most would probably tell you that they would get back to you, but what that does is that you have pushed them to start considering a decision.

Be specific: don’t poise yourself as the end to all their business problems. Start with a pain point that is key to their operations, then highlight your other products as the advantages of choosing you. It helps them focus on the major solution you are offering them while equally considering the others without being overwhelmed. Throwing so much at once can make them doubt if you can deliver all that you are proposing. 


Every customer and every sale is different. And definitely, they require a varying amount of work. You would meet customers that approach your business with a decision to buy, some just stumble on your business, and there are also those with multiple options and no serious preference. All these customers require different levels of effort. But in order not to end up chasing for a profit that is not commensurate to the effort put in, you should examine the customers, define what is a priority for you, and understand how many resources you can afford to commit to the actualization of that sale.

Don’t just sell; sell smart.

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