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Multiple Ways To Verify Your Customers' Identity
Red Stories
Feb 1 2021

Multiple Ways To Verify Your Customers' Identity

Esther O.
Esther O.

Why lose customers just because they aren't comfortable with a certain verification method? These days, many online businesses are now more than ever, actively in search of effective ways to seamlessly conduct KYC on their customers, either before onboarding them or before extending more control over to them to effectively carry out their activities, most especially when these activities in question revolve around payments.

Businesses have to contend with pricing and mode of payment from the hands of their respective vendors. When pricing is fair, the mode of payment is often rigid and vice-versa. Some KYC companies run subscription-based services, thereby requiring their customers to buy a certain volume of units before requesting a service. Some unknowingly make life difficult for their customers when they mandate them to subscribe to each of the KYC services they will need.

To put it more clearly, suppose that you need three very important KYC services that are very crucial to your business. But then, you're required to subscribe to each of these services, with each requiring a minimum deposit of N50,000, only to find out later that the money you just deposited is non-refundable.

Bingo! Perhaps you skipped that part in the Terms and Conditions section. Granted, most of them run a non-refundable deposit policy, so it's not entirely new. And now, your just-deposited N150,000 is "trapped in the closet". To get it back, however, you would need to sell all three services and sell fast, like really fast; for fear that your money doesn't lose its value in the long run.

It is worse when your competitors offer the same services at cheaper rates and blistering speed. This makes projection and planning go from daydream to nightmare. And of course, any business that does not engage in financial projections is heading for the lake - a deep one at that!

Well, while you may not be in business to sell KYC services, but only verify your customers' identity with them, you might soon discover that a lot of your funds that could be used for more pressing matters have been "trapped" due to "some policy".

Redbiller provides amazing KYC services where you can have the best of both worlds: flexible pricing and a convenient mode of payment. We do not tie down your funds and force you to resell to get back your capital; neither do we run a non-refundable deposit policy.

We let you securely and conveniently fund your wallet with as low as N100 and pay for any KYC service of your choice upon request. To sum it up, all funds in your wallet can be transferred to your Nigerian bank account at any time. Zero minimum balance. No hidden charges.

Interestingly, we offer over ten KYC services, spanning different business models. They are (1) Business-to-Business, (2) Business-to-Consumer, and (3) Business-to-Business-to-Consumer, such as Tax Identification Number, phone number, and Drivers License verifications respectively.

For example, most businesses in the B2B space often use the Corporate Affairs Commission, Tax Identification Number, and National ID verification services. While businesses in the B2C space is usually opt-in for Voter's Card, Phone Number, and International Passport verification services. And as for those in the B2B2C space, well, they find themselves actually having the best of both worlds.

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